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Versa Products

Versa has always led the charge in innovative furniture products, from electronic stand-up desks to bluetooth-powered, vanity mirrors. With a precisely-honed creative strategy, we helped introduce their flagship products to the world.

Versa Products

If your technology is cutting edge, shouldn't your design and branding follow suite? We went forth with a complete rebrand, providing a sleek and progressive aesthetic through design, photography and motion content, for a company that just might change the world.

Sit Happens

What happens when your client gives you Carte Blanche?…Sit Happens! First, we created a spokesperson, Versa Vick, an irreverent, smart-aleck whose offensive nature is trumped only by his disdain for sitting. He walks us through the dangers of sitting, while educating us about the wonderful VersaDesk Power Pro.

Lean & Mean

Due to the massive success of the Versa Desk Power Pro, the brand expanded its product line with the Zero Gravity Table and Exercise Bike, both of which we had the pleasure of photographing.

Wham Glam

Versa Products introduces a new line of high tech vanity products, aptly named GLAMMY. Again, we were tasked to photograph and stylize this new and exciting product line.